About Us

What we’re all about

FeverGraph.   We’re  driven to explore stories in radical new ways by raking through their bones to draw out what has yet to be uncovered.

We seek to engage our audiences with thought-provoking ideas, stimulating their imaginations and challenging their pre-conceived notions, taking them from mere spectator to active witness.  We want to take advantage of the “live-ness” of  performance.

We seek to engage that relationship on a visceral level, inviting the witness to join us on the journey. We have a need to tell stories that deeply connect to the human experience and will use any source that inspires us as a jumping off point.  We search for what has yet to be told, and listen for what the story needs from us.

We have a holistic approach to creation and performance, using both the mind and body to create. Our productions uniquely blend together physical, textual and visual elements in order to create a unique theatrical experience. We bring together multidisciplinary artists in a collaborative fashion to create highly innovative works ripe with stimulating imagery.

We want to break down barriers between people and artistic platforms and play, play play.

Who are we?