Teaching Testimonials

“Zoë has a positivity and openness that I do not often see in people. As I journeyed through the class, her words, thoughts, and methods of teaching were refreshing, motivating, and inspiring. Her class revolved around connecting with our humanity and acknowledging our emotions-something that we are rarely connected to in many aspects of our lives. I would not hesitate to learn from her!”

-Kristen Del Bianco

“Kate’s spontaneity, kindness, and zest for life made lessons enthralling, but she was always there to push us, get us to try new things, and work hard to grow and improve. Her exploration of the body and mind taught me how the two are so deeply connected, which also helped me to understand so much more about myself and how to approach my characters. Then to see Kate give stellar performances in various productions at York was proof that I was learning from the real deal. ”
-Siobhan Murphy

“Tosha Doiron is one of the few teachers that I can truly say inspired me to pursue my career and helped me to achieve success as an artist. Her attention to detail and love of her craft makes Tosha one-of-a-kind in the industry. Her passion and dedication are contagious. She is genuinely interested in her student’s success and anyone lucky enough to work with her will remember her words of wisdom for years to come.”
-Ashley Scholfield

“Zoë Sweet is a fantastic teacher and she has a way of pulling out the true actor or actress inside of you. She creates such a free and loving environment inside of the studio and she is so energetic and passionate about what she does. Working with her was a wonderful experience. In her class I learnt to embrace the moment and just go for it! If you look or feel silly…you’re doing something right :)”
-Keirsten Pugh

“Through fun activities, wise advice, and great direction, Zoë was able to not only help me become a better actor, but she and her classes helped me break out of my comfort zone again and try new things and be a part of new experiences. Every class was new and exciting and she created a judgement-free environment where I was able to try different things without feeling embarrassed at all. It was truly one of the greatest university experiences.”
-George Janetas

“Versatile and positive. These two words are the best way to describe Kate. Her versatility of being talented, intelligent, and having a big heart is an inspiring combination. These traits project out as an individual and a teacher that allows you to feel a connection with her. Her classes are just enlightening… I felt like I was studying with a colorful artist who enabled me to really discover myself.”
-Amanda Zhou

“Tosha brings about a clarity that many artists struggle to find. As a young actor her guidance was critical to the formation of my abilities, and the strengths I continue to develop as an actor today. With her pushing me to make better choices and to understand my work, I think I’m that much closer to becoming the artist I want to be. The time I spent under her instruction was useful, practical and intuitive. Lessons learned in the classroom are easily applicable to the real world. “Breathe. Relax. Be grounded”
-Ryan Fothergill

“Kate is such an inspiration. Her warm and open approach as an acting coach encourages so many wonderful discoveries. Kate creates an environment that is safe, fun, and free of judgment, allowing for fearless play and spontaneity. Powerful exercises and wonderful insights. Thank you Kate.”
-Kaya Bucholc

“Tosha was a wonderful teacher and mentor for me. Her bubbly, expressive personality and knowledge of her craft made attending her classes a joy. Her coaching, advice and support contributed strongly to my success in being accepted into the Acting Conservatory at York University”
-Sheri Goddal

“As soon as I was placed in Kate Gordon’s acting class, I knew that I had been given a serious gift. Kate is fair and honest, and there is no questioning her generosity. As a student I often find teachers who teach from their ego, but Kate simply teaches from her very giving heart. Kate has the skill of expressing massive concepts in ways that can be internalized and developed by every one. ”
-Sarah Chahley

“The most beautiful thing about Kate’s way of teaching is that it doesn’t feel like teaching. Her class feels like a celebration of life, a celebration of oneself and others. Through that positivity, I was able to fully comprehend and concretely practice the principles of acting presented in the course. If you want to immerse yourself in a profound journey of exploration of the depths of this complicated craft, Kate will be the light that will keep you focused, grounded, open, cheerful and show you the most effective way to reach your destination.”
-Alen Xhafa

“What I most adored about Kate was her dedication in helping us. You could tell her passion was to fuel us with her knowledge and make us go beyond our self-put limitations. She refused us to believe that these boundaries that we have placed upon ourselves were concrete, but rather just insecurities we have become accustomed to. She has a gift and knows exactly how to use it.”
-Emma Young